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Maa Kaila Devi Temple is revered as an incarnation of the primordial energy, Mahayogini Maya who took birth as the child of Nanda-Yashoda. The father of Lord Krishna, Vasudeo was told by Lord Vishnu to leave Krishna with Yashoda maiyya and get her new born daughter back with him to the cell where he was imprisoned by Kansa. When Kansa tried to kill the baby, she took on her divine form and told him that the infant Lord Krishna was already safe and sound. She is now worshipped as Kaila Devi or Karauli Maiyya.

A detailed description of Kaila Devi Ji is given in the Skanda Purana in the 65th Adhyaya wherein Devi ji proclaims that in the Kalyug, her name would be Kaila and she would be worshipped as Kaileshwari by her devotees.

Kaila Devi Temple is the most famous temple in Rajasthan situated in Kailadevi village of Karauli District. The Shrine is dedicated to Goddess Kaila Devi Ji and many people around the world worship her as the incarnation of primordial energy. The Kaila Devi Temple is one of the famous temples in Rajasthan because of its history and devotees come in numerous numbers to visit the temple and worship Shri Kaila Devi Ji. It is also famous for its fascinating story which is linked with the incarnation of Lord Krishna. As per the Skanda Purana, Kaila Devi is a form of the same Goddess Maha Yogini Mahamaya who took birth at Nanda and Yashoda’s house and was replaced with Lord Krishna. When Kansa tried to kill her, she showed him her Goddess form and said that the one whom he wanted to kill had already taken birth. That Goddess is now worshipped as Kaila Devi.

The Kaila Devi temple holds that the Goddess is seated here and that everyone who comes here to visit the mother fulfills their wishes. Kaila Devi Temple has a significant place in the Hindu community. The statue of Shri Kaila Devi Ji and Chamunda Devi sit together in the main place of the temple. The bigger one is of Shri Kaila Devi and her statue is slightly bent. The statue of Chamunda Devi was established by Maharaja Gopal Singh which he brought from Gangraun fort. The temple is constructed with marbles and has a large courtyard. The walls of the temple are carved with pictures of other gods. Inside the temple premises, there are temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, and Bharav Ji, and Hanuman Ji who is worshipped as Languriya, and there are many folk songs related to Bhairav Ji, Hanuman Ji, and Kaila Devi Ji. There is a Kund which was built by Arjun Pal Ji and it was one of the largest man-made sources of water in the region during early times.

The grandeur of the temple and the pleasant atmosphere here makes it one of the most famous temples of Rajasthan. There are many stories related to the history of the temple and according to the local people, many stories of the divinity of the temple are heard. One of the major popular attractions of Kaila Devi temple which makes it a famous temple in Rajasthan is the annual festival fair at Kaila Devi temple which takes place every year during Chaitra month.

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